Visiting family for the holidays has its fair share of emotion.  A time that should be joyous may also present some cause for concern-particularly for aging loved ones.  Answers to the below questions may signal it is time to make a plan.

Things to Consider While Home for the Holidays


  • Is your loved one still living on their own?

  • Does the home they live in support their aging needs?

  • Have you noticed your loved ones requiring help with daily activities they once performed independently?

  • Are you noticing signs of cognitive decline, such as difficulty following and responding to conversations, frequently “misplacing” items, or an inability  to identify familiar family or friends?

  • While in their home, do you notice mail starting to pile up, burned pots and pans, or inadequate amount of food in the refrigerator?

  • Is the concern for your loved one’s safety and well-being causing you to miss work and social obligations?

  • Are you worried about a loved one who is potentially hazardous to themselves or others on the road?

  • Are your loved one’s vital documents up to date and secured in a place that is accessible in the event of an emergency?  Are you aware of their wishes should you be required to act on their behalf?

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Planning for the care of aging loved ones is one of the most stressful, complicated and time-consuming efforts a family will experience.  The process becomes more burdensome when a crisis presents itself with little to no warning.  Whether it be proactive planning, crisis prevention or crisis management, Theia’s integrated approach to elder care allows us to act rapidly to resolve issues and quickly bring peace of mind.  Contact Theia Senior Solutions for a complimentary consultation.