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How Trusted Advisors Should Address Client Cognitive Decline

The article broaches a theme that appears to be getting more visible in the world’s wealth management community, spelling out how advisors can be alert for problems and what they can do to add value when client families may be at their most vulnerable.


Understanding Cognitive Decline As A Financial Advisor

Longevity is one of the greatest achievements of our modern-day era. Many older clients are leading long and active lives due to medical advances, improved health care and better lifestyle choices. However, with the benefits of longevity also come some risks—including diminished cognitive capacity….

elder-care.jpg Holiday Elder Care Questions for Clients and Their Loved Ones

Two checklists to help guide oft-uncomfortable but invaluable conversations…

Dec 8, 2018 / Opinion: 5 things a financial adviser should do when they see cognitive decline in a client

Mary is a 53-year-old business executive who calls her aging father, 85, every Sunday. Over time, Mary notices that their phone calls are becoming increasingly difficult…


CNBC: Women are losing sleep over this retirement savings fear

Seven out of 10 women are “very concerned” about having enough money to cover their long-term care expenses, according to Nationwide…


NJBIA: Making the Most out of Family Holiday Gatherings

With the year-round workplace schedules making family time even more precious, Theia Senior Solutions says it’s even more important to foster family togetherness during holiday gatherings by enhancing the intergenerational experience.


NJ Business Magazine:
The Dilemma of Aging Parents

Time is a luxury the “sandwich generation” never has enough of. When you have more than one generation to care for, how do you carefully weigh all of your loved one’s needs with the needs of your business? 


Princeton Scoop: Home for the Holidays & Aware of Alzheimer’s Disease

Princeton families are gathering soon to celebrate Thanksgiving and it’s no coincidence that this month is also Alzheimer’s Awareness month…


Wharton Magazine: New and notable ventures from Wharton alumni

By 2050, the elderly population in the U.S. will have almost doubled to 83.7 million, with huge implications not only for business and policy, but also for families caring for their elders. In 2015, entrepreneur, investor, and biotech executive Joanna Gordon Martin WG02 proactively founded Theia Senior Solutions to provide exceptional, transparent elder care.